Wi-Fi printing got you in a tangle?


Are you trying to print a photo from your phone or a document from your tablet? Baffled by AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, iprint, eprint – should you use Wi-Fi printing or just not bother as it’s all too confusing?

Wi-Fi enabled printers can connect to your network, but you’ll need to install the drivers onto your device. All very well if you’re trying to print from a laptop or PC, but not so handy for your phone or tablet. So what are the options? Luckily, many Wi-Fi printers will have a variety of Wi-Fi printing standards built in already –

Apple AirPrint – simply open the app you want to print from, tap the share or settings icon and press the print icon. You’ll need to select an AirPrint enabled printer, chose the number of copies then off you go.  Only compatible with Apple devices.

Google Cloud Print – a Google Cloud Print compatible printer will connect to your wireless network like any other Wi-Fi printer. You can print from any android or Apple device so long as you’re logged into your Google account.

Epson iPrint or HP ePrint – printer manufacturers have created their own standards which you can use by downloading their app from your mobile app store. The app will enable you to wirelessly print to the manufacturer’s printer.

Most new printers will support all of these options so you can chose the best option, depending on the device your need to print from at the time.

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