Virus warning for emails


Following on from our virus warning on last months blog, we’re reiterating the need to be extra careful when opening your emails.The latest cryptovirus, known as Maktub was highlighted last week when the BBC reported on the Maktub virus. This virus will encrypt all the data on your computer and require you to pay for the key to unlock it.

The virus works when scammers send an email claiming you owe money to a UK organisation or business. The email will have a link to click to open the invoice, but when clicked it sets the virus rampaging through your data and encrypting it.  What makes this scam more worrying is that the scammers have very accurate postal address details, making the email appear authentic.

The risk is real and we’d urge you to be extra vigilant when opening emails.

Like other malware viruses, this will encrypt your data and demand you pay a ransom to unlock it, the cost of which will increase over time.

If you receive an email which you are suspicious about our advice is to:

  • delete the email straight away – do not open it. 
  • do not click any links you are suspicious of.
  • do not click on the ‘enable editing’ button which appears when you open an email.
  • if you think you have opened a suspicious email close down your computer immediately.
  • if you are in anyway suspicious of an email, contact the sender directly to verify they have sent it to you, before you open it.
  • if you have a sever close it down immediately to stop the virus spreading through out your network. 

As always if you have any IT security concerns don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. We can offer advice on anti virus software, data back up and security issues for business and home computer users.

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