What to consider when choosing broadband for business


Broadband for business needs to be reliable and affordable and is critical for SME businesses. But what should you be looking for? As a business broadband provider, Sortmytelecoms has put together a guide to help you select the most appropriate package.

Our Tips on Selecting Broadband for Business

1. What is the fastest broadband available to me in Edinburgh?

The speed of your connection is dependent on the type of line available in your area and what you wish to pay for. The broadband line most commonly available is an ADSL line. It is available to anyone with a BT landline. ADSL2+ can offer a download speed of up to 24 Mbps, but is often between 10 and 20 Mbps. According to the average broadband download speed in Edinburgh is around 23Mbps.

Faster options are available where fibre cables have been installed, in Edinburgh both Virgin and BT Openreach are currently rolling out Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Depending on where your business is located fibre maybe available, offering a faster service. A pure fibre network with gigabit speed has been introduced by Edinburgh Core throughout the city –

2. What hardware will I need?

Your business is likely to need a wireless router and perhaps a wireless access point, depending on the size of your office premises, where the router is located and the number of devices using the network.

3. Will there be a limit on the data I can download? 

Different broadband providers will offer packages with either a data allowance or unlimited download capacity. You can select a package to meet your business needs and budget you wish to spend. A 15GB allowance may often be enough for a smaller business, while an office of 50 to 60 users may require a unlimited package.

4. What should I expect to pay?

You’ll find a large number of deals and offers available to you from a wide variety of providers. Look carefully at the packages as they will offer different download speeds and data limits. Some packages will offer extras such as security and/or hardware. You should also consider the customer support that is offered by the provider as well as set up costs and line rental and any discounts they offer.

5. Will I need to sign up to a long term contract? 

The length of contract will vary depending on the package you sign up to and the broadband provider. The minimum contract is usually 12 months, although many providers may require you to sign up to a 24 month contract.

6. Why should I go for broadband for business rather than a standard package?

There are several advantages of choosing a business broadband provider:

  1. You should be on a service with a ‘lower contention ratio’ – meaning you share the same line with a smaller number of other users.
  2. The hardware offered by business broadband providers should be more resilient and offer greater security to business premises and usage.
  3. A business broadband provider will also provide you with a static IP address for companies running their own email servers or with staff requiring to use VPN’s to access their work network.
  4. You should receive improved customer service which is focused towards business users.

Since launching Sortmytelecoms we now provide a large number of our business clients with a broadband service and VOIP telephone systems. We have a range of packages available for small and medium businesses. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.