Telecoms Jargon Buster


To help launch our new telecoms branch – Sortmytelecoms – we’ve put together a jargon buster to help explain some of the acronyms. Visit our Sortmytelecoms pages for more detail on the business broadband and VOIP telephone systems we can offer SMEs.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Much higher download speed than upload speed. Anyone with an analogue phone line can have this service. ADSL is limited to 8Mbps, ADSL2+ can offer up to 24Mbps but often is somewhere between 10 and 20Mbps.


Fibre To The Cabinet. Much faster connection using superfast Fibre technology replacing older copper wires. Your local exchange needs to have been upgraded to allow this service and the last part of the journey from the local telecoms cabinet to your premises still uses copper wire.


Fibre To The Premises. Similar to FTTC but the last bit is also Fibre. This is new technology with speeds of up to 330Mbps and is only available in limited areas just now.

Leased Line

Dedicated private internet access circuit – provides secure, fast and uncontended internet access.


Public Switched Telephone Network. This is the standard telephone service provided over basic analogue phone lines.


Integrated Services Digital Network. Digital telephony service that gives better call quality, quicker connection times and DDI facilities. Used as part of an on-premises telephone system.


Voice over Internet Protocol. An IP based phone system that is “Hosted” in a data centre. Customer sites connect to the hosted phone system via an internet connection


Direct Dial Inbound. Allows users to rent individual phone numbers without the need to rent individual lines.

Speak to us if you’re looking to change your business broadband provider or to discuss the benefits a cloud based telephone system could bring your organisation. We offer a range of packages for small and medium size businesses.