How outsourcing IT can benefit your business


At SortmyPC we offer outsourced IT support and services for SMEs. Currently supporting over 150 businesses in Central Scotland, we are one of Edinburgh’s leading IT companies. So if you’re considering outsourcing to an IT provider, there are many ways in which your business will benefit:

  1. Improve your business efficiency – a good IT service provider will be able to advise on the hardware and software to allow your business to run efficiently. Additionally, an IT company will stay on top of the latest developments in technology and will share their knowledge and experience with the businesses they support.
  2. Allowing you to concentrate on your core business – a report last year from PA Consulting* explored why companies look to outsource their IT. They found the main motivation was to be able to focus on core business. Consequently, whilst keeping IT in house may provide you with a feeling of control, if you outsource you’ll have more time to concentrate on running your business.
  3. Make financial savings – it’s a misconception that outsourcing your IT will be costly. Many of our clients have found that the solutions we put in place for them reduce the amount of money they are spending on IT. Furthermore, the savings that are made to time and efficiency can also create financial rewards.
  4. Improve the security of your business – an IT service provider can advise and install the most appropriate anti virus software for your business. They will ensure your server is backed up and offer advice on reducing the risk of virus and malware attacks.
  5. Help you embrace new technology – new technology and terminology can be daunting and it can feel easier to continue with the software and systems you have in place. A good IT provider will be able to offer advice on cloud solutions and help your business move forward if your technology becomes out dated.

If you’d like to find out more about outsourcing IT we are always happy to provide a free consultation, so why not contact us to arrange an appointment.


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