We will safeguard your business and vital operational data with Solarwinds MSP remote management & monitoring software. IT Centric monitor and protect our business clients using this advanced remote management platform. 

Security is one of the most vital aspects of the support we offer our clients. The threat of an online attack is very real and several of our clients have been targeted by cyber attacks. Every business needs to know that their data is safe and that back ups are in place should an emergency arise. At IT Centric we have a great deal of knowledge and experience protecting businesses. Using Solarwinds MSP we can offer your business a range of security features including:

  • remote control all your devices for support and maintenance sessions
  • run automated daily checks of each device looking for hardware issues, ensuring that vital services are running
  • perform routine maintenance on all devices at a predefined time and day each week.
  • install and manage updates and software patches for Windows, MS Office, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) and other commonly used software packages.

The Solarwinds platform also incorporates

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Protection
    • the antivirus solution used within the Solarwinds platform and across all organisations managed by IT Centric
    • runs in the background and is fully automated to update several times a day & run weekly scans of all devices in the organisation.
  • Bitdefender Web Protection
    • offers an additional layer of security, protection and user management in terms of browsing habits and daily internet activity
    • allows business owners and managers to identify trends in internet usage and to block certain sites or categories of sites like social media or travel sites.

If you are looking for advice on protecting your business data and ensuring your business is secure, please contact us for an initial consultation.