Security is one of the most vital aspects of the support we offer our clients. The threat of an online attack is very real and always evolving. Every business needs to know that their data is safe and that back ups are in place should an emergency arise. At IT Centric we have a great deal of knowledge and experience protecting businesses against the changing threats of an online attack. Our layered security solutions will ensure your business data is secure, backed up and easily retrievable.

Our managed security packages will protect your devices and data and will:

  • remote control all your devices for support and maintenance sessions
  • run automated daily checks of each device looking for hardware issues, ensuring that vital services are running
  • carry out routine maintenance on all devices at a predefined time and day each week.
  • install and manage updates and software patches for Windows, MS Office, Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) and other commonly used software packages.

To provide a comprehensive security package for clients we utilise a number of solutions:

  • Bitdefender Gravity Zone Endpoint Protection
    • smart scanning will protect an organisation’s hardware, with daily updates and weekly scans of all business devices. Endpoint protection will ensure both known and emerging malware and viruses are kept off all workstations and servers. It helps maintain high productivity and overall health of your IT estate.
    • offers an additional layer of security & protection to keep your business secure and productive. Not only does it protect from malicious and compromised web sites but includes bandwidth monitoring and reporting on browsing activities of users. Specific categories of websites like gambling and social media can be blocked or restricted to ensure the business is in control of user activity.
  • Vade Secure Predictive Email Defense
    • Vade Secure for Office 365 uses AI Based Threat Detection to block advanced attacks from the first email thanks to machine learning and real time analysis of all incoming emails.
    • Multi-faceted Anti Phishing
    • Banner Based Anti-Spear phishing
    • Behavioural-Based Anti Malware
    • Auto and One-click Remediation
    • For more detailed information visit Vade Secure Predictive Email Defense.
  • WatchGuard Firewall
    • an advanced network security device to replace your existing router and provide exceptional security protection. Networks are increasingly vulnerable to the threats from spyware, viruses and malicious attacks and this perimeter security appliance will provide complete network protection.

Our security solutions can be tailored to your business and scaled to meet your particular requirements. If you would like to discuss our layered security solutions and how they can benefit and protect your business, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.