hosted services

The IT Centric cloud enables us to provide a wide range of cloud support and hosted services to our clients. Hosted cloud services offer many benefits including improved performance & reliability as well as being scalable on demand and offering cost efficiencies.

Hosted services include email hosting and hosted server solutions. Hosted email platforms, such as Office 365, provide a secure, flexible and easy to use email system. Hosted server solutions ensure business continuity and assist with disaster planning, as well as being cost efficient.

Hosted Server Solutions –

Co-location – as we work with an enterprise class data centre, the IT Centric cloud can provide co-located space for your servers. Moving from an inhouse server to a co-location facility ensures you business is running on the latest technology. As a dedicated data centre can offer greater security, backup services and connectivity, your business can run more efficiently and efficiently.

Hybrid Server Solutions Рsome businesses prefer to operate on a hybrid solution, combining the benefits of both on site and hosted servers.  We will always take time to understand your business and your hosting needs to find the most suitable solution for your organisation.

If you’d like to discuss the most appropriate hosted services and solutions for your business, please contact us to arrange an appointment.