business continuity

For most organisations business continuity is a priority. It’s essential their business continues to operate smoothly, especially when things go wrong and their IT infrastructure is compromised. We have helped many of the businesses we support recover data following virus attacks and hardware failures.

You don’t have to be signed up to a managed IT support contract to ask for our help, our IT consultancy service can advise on business security and continuity. 

Continuity Planning – is designed to minimise disruption to business operations and considers access to data, business operations & physical business locations. We can ensure that your data storage and backup is sufficient and would allow essential data to be recovered in a business rescue situation.

Data Recovery – focuses on restoring business data. Working with your organisation we can ensure a data recovery plan is in place to recover and protect your IT infrastructure should a disaster occur. If you think your business IT has been compromised by malware or a virus, don’t do anything until you’ve spoken to one of our engineers – we have a great track record recovering compromised data.

Connectivity – we can help ensure your business stays online and connected with backup broadband lines. We will constantly monitor your connection direct with our supplier and ensure you switch to a failover line in an emergency.

Server Issues – A Server is critical to the smooth operation of any business so gets treated with utmost care and priority. So whether your server is running out of space, running out of steam or just needing regular maintenance to keep it running as efficient as possible we will be on the case. Full system image and online backup policies are in place for all servers managed by IT Centric.

If you would like to speak to us to find out how we can help with your business continuity contact us to arrange an appointment.