If I had a crystal ball…


…I would have a ball made from crystal.  Although futurology has flitted across the news headlines in the past few months, it is no science and there are possibly some of you who regard it as complete nonsense.  Predicting the future has always been nigh on impossible, and those few who have managed it we must consider to have no more than good timing!

It is possible to make reasonable inferences, which is what all of us do all the time. In a previous blog, we described how IT Centric had managed to assist several of our customers in maintaining workflow through lockdown. Those who had already embraced the Cloud via our managed services found it comparatively easy. Those who relied on office-bound servers and assets? Not quite so much.

As the country turns to something which really cannot be referred to as ‘normality’ (unless you’re a politician) it is clear that the resilience, flexibility and benefits of cloud-based computing are going to be the new normal in business IT terms.  We say that purely with a weather eye on the pandemic, the underlying business advantages offered by cloud services are likely to continue dramatic growth well into the future.

We have already seen local lockdowns imposed within the UK, and we are warned that these could become more common and possibly more local, depending on the data being used.  We are also being warned that a second wave of the pandemic is on the horizon as we look at nations who have eased their lockdowns only to see infection rates rise.  We are, in short, stuck with this pandemic, possibly for the medium term.

IT Centric’s offering of Managed Services make excellent business sense, not only in-and-of themselves. The flexibility and control they offer are ideally suited to maintaining workflow and connectivity through lockdowns and staff isolation – following a holiday abroad for instance.  These benefits aren’t simply bolt-ons: they are intrinsic to the nature of Managed Services. Indeed, they are a natural progression of the original aim behind the early internet – to create a robust network that could automatically cope with drastic changes and events.

IT Centric can advise and guide you through the best options for your business, large or small. We show you where money will be best spent and help you avoid poor investments in the wrong IT places.

Our suite of managed offerings keeps your data protected while ensuring that those who need to, get the appropriate access for their roles. We assist with the backup and restoration of data and test this regularly so you have comfort it does what it should. We offer world-leading file management solutions and industry standard applications, all of which can be deployed, managed and supported through the cloud.

The whole IT Centric team are there to help when you need them and we take great pride and care to ensure that we are meeting the needs of each and every one of our clients, even as those needs change in the face of a rapidly changing world.

None of us can foretell the future with real accuracy but at IT Centric we can help you achieve the agile, robust systems which mean you can cope more easily with whatever comes along.

To learn more about our services, our people and how we can help you, simply get in touch.