Keep your head out the Clouds


Many small businesses are adopting cloud technology and realising the benefits to their business.  So, why not keep your head out the clouds and place your business operations in them?

Cloud platforms enable businesses to safely access, store and share information, data and files from any device. You and your staff will always have access to the latest version from wherever you are.

What are the benefits of cloud computing for SME’s?

We provide business IT support and advice to over 100 small and medium businesses and are well placed to advise on the cloud solutions which best meet your requirements.

Email Cloud Services – using cloud email services enables you to buy the mailboxes your business requires without the need to for your business to set up and manage an email server.

File Storage – cloud technology can enable your organisation to store and access files which can then be accessed by multiple users both in the office and remotely.

Data Back-up – if you’re looking for more efficient data back-up and storage, the cloud allows data to be stored off site and you’ll only pay for the storage you need. Cloud storage is a secure way to back up your files that allows you to access them where ever you are and from a variety of devices.

Office 365 – a monthly subscription service, Office 365 is cloud based so your files are saved online and easy to access, edit and share on the go.  Your data is protected by built in security which deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks and other threats and is easily managed from a single admin portal.

Virus Protection – manage the security of your devices and data using cloud based virus protection. One of the advantages of cloud antivirus software is that it will automatically update to ensure you are always protected.

It is worth remembering that cloud computing will require you to have an internet connection to access your data and files – think about where you might need access!

If you’d like any help adopting cloud computing for your business, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat about the cloud services that would benefit your business.

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