IT Centric Telecoms Solutions to Benefit Your Business


Telecoms Solutions to Benefit your Business

Fast and efficient telecoms are a necessity to support your business. The right telecoms solution will enable communications to be fully integrated across the organisation and support business operations.

IT Centric VOIP packages are fully supported cloud based systems, which give businesses more power and control over their telephones. Our customers can select the features that work to enhance their business operations and enable them to provide a consistent business presence. We provide managed telephone packages which are fully supported from set up, through to operation, with our highly experienced VOIP technicians providing training and guidance to get you up and running.

Cloud based telephone systems

We have partnered with Voice Host to offer our customers advanced telephony solutions which are scalable, flexible and productive. Cloud telephone systems offer free or lower cost calls than traditional phone systems and support business operations through features such as call forwarding, call groups and call queue management.

How can our telephone packages benefit your business?

  • Excellent service delivery – we’ll ensure your VOIP system users are fully supported. From set up and installation, to training on the system, we’ll also provide ongoing support once the system is operational. Our tailored user guides ensure our customers can get the most from their phone systems.
  • Transparent billing – Voice Host provides us with a detailed billing platform which enables us to provide transparent billing to our customers
  • No lengthy tie ins – our initial fixed term is 12 months, unlike many other providers who require a 3 or 5 year service agreement.
  • High quality hardware – we provide our customers with high quality Snom or Grandstream handsets and don’t set a minimum quantity, simply order the number of handsets you require.
  • One provider for all your technology needs – we’ll support your IT and telecoms to provide you with an overall technology package.

Mobile Solutions

Our telecoms packages can include mobile phones solutions to support flexible and remote working. We work closely with provider Your Company Comms to ensure we can offer a wide range of mobile deals with all major UK networks. Our partnership enables us to source and provide the latest business smartphones and handsets to meet your needs and budget.

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