Egnyte Platform for secure file sharing


Could your business benefit from implementing the Egnyte platform across the organisation? Perhaps you are looking for a solution to enable better sharing and collaboration of files and data? Are you concerned about compliance? What about the need to future proof your IT infrastructure – maybe you are interested in exploring the benefits of cloud solutions to streamline your business?

Egnyte is a cloud based file hosting service, which offers secure file sharing. Egnyte ensures you are fully compliant with data security and privacy regulations, while combining the benefits of a cloud platform with faster data access, using an on-premises based storage solution.

Content Sharing

Egnyte is built for flexibility and can offer particular benefits to organisations who have members of their team working remotely or multi site offices. The cloud based storage enables files to be accessed, updated and shared from any mobile device from any location. Integrations with solutions including Office 365 ensure that users can work seamlessly from any location. By implementing a solution such as Egnyte across the business you can stay ahead of your competitors by providing your team with the ability to work effectively and securely where ever they are.

Data Compliance

For most businesses data security, privacy and compliance are essential but it can be difficult to locate and secure all the data you may hold across different locations and file structures. Egnyte can help locate and classify data that maybe sensitive and ensure it is protected and complies with relevant regulations. The platform can detect unusual behaviour and help to prevent data breeches from occuring.

Future Proof you Business

If you currently operate a server to support your organisation, there will always be a capital cost to replace it. Replacing a server can impact cashflow, be difficult to predict and disruptive to business operations. You may be looking to future proof your organisation and invest in cloud based solutions that are secure and streamline your infrastructure. The Egnyte platform offers the benefits of fast on premises access with the performance of a cloud based solution. As a flexible subscription service, Egnyte is paid for month by month reducing the need for expensive hardware upgrades with the ability to scale up or down as required to suit the business.

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