Cloud Solutions offer benefits to SMEs


Many SMEs are reaping the benefits of introducing cloud solutions to their business operations.

A recent survey by Intuit, looks at small business adoption of cloud solutions. Intuit have found 63{06e1562cfb33b698ef328d95be949760c8a982d0b330acd633c831eeff374ca5} of small businesses are now on the cloud and that success is judged on the technology’s impact on the bottom line. The survey also found that mobile and web based applications need to be easy to use and secure if they are to be adopted by SMEs. So, why should your business consider using cloud solutions?

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Source: Intuit

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Source: Intuit

So, if you are considering adopting cloud solutions into your business but are concerned about controlling costs and ease of use, here are some of the ways in which your business may benefit:

  1. Reduces costs  introducing cloud solutions can help to cut down on the costs of administrative functions as well as IT infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  2. Encourages collaboration – using the cloud for working documents can provide access to all your team members, allowing them to make changes, comments and suggestions from different locations, devices and at different times.
  3. Flexibility – staff can log on from any device in any location allowing your team to keep up to date when working out of the office. This flexibility is particularly beneficial to home workers or team members who are regularly working off site
  4. Scalable – most cloud applications offer different levels of service, depending on your needs, making it easy to scale up at busy times or when staff numbers increase and scale back down at quieter times, with out costly increases in hardware which you may only need for a short period of time.
  5. Reduce risk of disaster – as your data is held on your cloud solution provider’s server, the risk of losing a piece of work you are in the middle of completing is greatly reduced. Gone are the days when your computer crashing could lose that vital proposal document you were in the middle of.
  6. Save space in the office (and the planet!) – introducing cloud services and solutions can help to automate some of your office procedures. Cloud solutions can reduce the amount of paperwork produced and stored, saving office space and also helping with your company’s environmental impact.

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