Cloud telephone systems could benefit your business


A cloud telephone system, or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephones, could benefit your business in many ways. Since SortmyPC started providing business telecoms to SMEs, many of our IT support clients are now sourcing their broadband and VOIP phones from us too.

Cloud telephone systems offer many benefits to SMEs, largely as calls are made over the internet and are therefore free or lower cost than traditional phone lines. However, there are considerable other advantages offered by a VOIP system:

  1. Flexible working – cloud telephone systems offer many features such as call routing, forwarding and virtual answering allowing you to work remotely using your office number. Calls can easily be diverted to colleagues or mobile phones.
  2. Keep existing phone numbers – introducing a new internet based system does not mean introducing new phone numbers. You can make and answer calls from your existing number(s) minimising disruption to business operations.
  3. Add or remove new lines and users – as the system is hosted in the cloud it is easy to add or remove additional users.
  4. Reduced operational costs – there is no need to maintain switchboards or expensive equipment used for a traditional phone system. As VOIP uses broadband lines, the set up costs and cost of line rental and call charges is low. It is also easier to predict and budget for telecoms expenditure.
  5. Integrate with other business systems – as cloud telephones are internet based they can be integrated with other business applications which you may use, creating seamless business operations.

The advantages of a cloud telephone system are many, however it should also be highlighted that there is a slight risk of dropping calls if the internet connection isn’t always reliable. However, for the vast majority of businesses this is a small risk easily outweighed by the advantages offered.

If you would like to discuss the options of a VOIP telephone system for your business, please contact us to arrange a consultation.  Visit our sortmytelecoms pages for more information on our telecoms packages.