5 Reasons to move to a VOIP telephone system


Is it time to consider moving your office telephones to a VOIP telephone system? This technology allows calls to be made over the internet. These are free or lower cost than traditional telephone lines.

VOIP is defined as Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms, phone service over the Internet*.

So, what are the advantages of moving to a VOIP system?

  1. Increased flexibility – you can work remotely whilst using your office phone number. No need to miss calls when out the office, internet phone systems offer many features including call forwarding, virtual answering and call routing.
  2. Cost Savings – the cost of line rental and call charges is lower as calls are made using broadband lines. There is no need to maintain expensive switchboards or legacy hardware from your traditional system. It is also easier to predict and budget for monthly billing charges.
  3. No need for a new number– the features offered will allow you to keep your existing phone number and answer it from anywhere. You can make calls from another phone, which appear from your office number.
  4. Minimal hardware is required – all you need is a broadband line and IP compatible handsets. This keeps your set up costs low as well as reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
  5. Add new lines and users easily – it is quick and easy to add or remove additional users as the phone system is hosted in the cloud.

Are there any disadvantages? As VOIP systems require a broadband connection, there is a slight risk of calls dropping if the connection is not entirely reliable. However, for the majority of users the advantages of switching to VOIP outweigh the potential risks.

If your business is interested in introducing a cloud telephone systems contact us to arrange a free consultation. Sortmytelecoms offer a range of VoIP telephone packages, designed to meet the needs of small and medium size businesses.