Cloud computing will enhance your business


“How can we use cloud computing to drive our business forward?”

Our clients often ask us how to harness cloud technology across their operations. We can advise on Microsoft Office 365 for hosting your business email or other hosted email platforms, depending on your business requirements. You might be looking to ensure you can access all your files and documents anytime from anywhere.

Cloud solutions allows businesses to back up, store, share and access information so you and your team will always have access to the latest version of your documents. A recent survey last year found that 85% of small businesses who have adopted cloud technology reported an “increase in infrastructure flexibility and agility” and many SMEs utilise cloud solutions to help them punch above their weight.

5 reasons to consider embracing cloud technology:

  1. Get access to Enterprise level email solutions without investing in an email server – small businesses who chose cloud email services pay a monthly subscription per mailbox, often at substantially lower cost than buying and maintaining an email server on premises. Cloud hosted email platforms also offer greater security and disaster recovery as it’s hosted off site.
  2. Easy to access and share files – cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox or One Drive allow businesses to store, share and access files from any device and any location.
  3. Reliable data back-up – cloud storage provides extra security as your data is stored off site, should anything happen to your hardware or premises. You’ll only pay for the storage you need and can be assured that all your essential business data is safely backed up. Most cloud storage services offer several months of version history for documents, so if you accidentally delete some of the contents of an important spreadsheet you can easily go back to a previous version.
  4. Utilise the benefits of Office 365 – you’ll pay a monthly fee per user, rather than investing in software up front, for access to all the Microsoft Office applications. Office 365 will save your files online making them easy to access, edit and share on the go.  Your data is protected by built in security which deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks and other threats and is easily managed from a single admin portal.
  5. You can ensure your devises and data are protected – cloud based virus protection software automatically updates to ensure you are always protected, without you having to remember to do so.

In addition, many SMEs find the subscription based pricing of cloud solutions manageable and easy to predict, which helps with budgeting. The affordability of cloud solutions removes many of the barriers SMEs traditionally faced in set up costs and creates opportunities for them to compete with larger organisations.

If you’d like any help adopting cloud computing for your business, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat about the cloud services that would benefit your business.