Business Management Software launched


Are you looking for business management software to help run your business operations? A system that will make business life easier and only does what you need? Here at SortmyPC we have designed a BMS specifically to help SMEs manage their business in a simpler way. Worx24 launches this week, so we thought we’d ask the brains behind it, Technical Director Angus Kerr, to tell us more:

Q: What exactly is Worx24 Business Management Software?
A: It is a powerful and flexible software product which integrates all core business functions across a company. It provides access to critical real time data, enabling businesses to make quicker, better decisions.

Q: What makes Worx24 different to other Business Management Systems?
A: The beauty of Worx24 is that it is modular and clients can tailor it to meet their needs. They can choose the functions they require so it doesn’t become overly complex and cumbersome. Many of our customers were finding the alternative BMS products on the market too large, complex and expensive and typically they only used 20% of the functionality they were paying for.

Q: Will SMEs need to buy lots of new software to run their business?
A: No, our range of engines and modules integrate together to form one business management system. Clients don’t need to try and bolt different systems together. Worx24 can also integrate with Xero to provide seamless financial control.

Q: Would a business need to buy the whole system?
A: No, one of the key features is that it’s a modular system, so customers can chose which functions they require, be it the Client Engine, Supplier Management Engine, Reporting Engine or any of our add on modules.

Q: What if they are just looking for a client management system?
A: Then we can help too! Worx24 software is offered as 2 distinct products – for client management or business management. Our Client Engine is a stand alone package which manages all client data in one place. It is simple to use and links all relevant correspondence to contacts.

Q: Sounds great, will it cost me the earth?
A: No, Worx24 has been developed for SMEs and we know how tight budgets can be. Our Client Engine starts at £20/user/month, which includes unlimited support and updates. The cost of the full business management system will vary depending on the modules you chose. Our clients who have already invested in the software have found that the efficiencies gained are well worth the investment.

Q: Ok, I’m sold! Where can I find out more?
A: We’d be happy to come and chat to you about our business management software. To arrange a free consultation contact us or phone 0131 477 2644 to arrange an appointment.

Worx24 Team

Worx24 Development Team – Nayon , Angus, Jonathan.

Worx24 Business Mgmt Software